RPC8/e / 65el02 emulator / information page

With Eloraam's permission, for enhanced compatibility, the CPU emulation is based partly on RedPower.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. E-mail: bigfoot _at_ bigfootinformatika _dot_ hu

	Emulator V0.12 binaries (win / mac) and source code available for download.

	Here's the non-complete list of changes:
	- Fancy dialogs for tweaking emulator options and peripherals. Built-in help is not finished yet.
	- New peripheral handling to support multiple monitors/drives/io extenders
	- Option for cpu speed throttle (1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x)
	- Option for drive speed boost
	- Settings load and save
	- 16 COLOR MONITOR (tetris and colordemo available within the archive)
	New (bugfixed) RPC/8 bootcode released (bin/src) which fixes the >64k image problems.
	If you want to use it then replace the "eloraam/control/rpcboot.bin" in the RedPowerControl archive or
	put the file into emulators "roms" directory.

	Emulator v0.11 released. Read the changelog and download the files from the "archive".

	Source code of the latest BASIC V1.0.120616 is available for download (zip/tar).
	I don't want to continue the development on the V1.0 branch so that's why i decided to release it.
	However you need to remember that this version have some copyright issues as it's a derivate from the
	"original" Microsoft Basic.

	The MC-BASIC V2.0 is still in development and will be released soon. However it's source code probably
	will not available at the beginning.

	Emulator v0.10 released. Read the changelog and download the files from the "archive".
	Sorry for the "long delay" but at least i can tell that i'm married. :)

	Now i have a bit more time to work on the new version of the basic, so stay tuned.
	In a few days the next release along with new tools and emulator will be available
	for download.
	Basic V1 detokenizer and tokenizer C source code available for download.
	With these tools you can modify your basic files in your favourite text editor.

	New BASIC V1.0 bugfix release is available.
	  - Multiply overflow bug fixed (power and divident multiplication was wrong)
	  - VAL string duplication bug fixed
	Empty MCFS image (for mcfstool) also uploaded.

Older files and news moved to the archive.

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